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It all began with a DREAM

It was an idea, a big dream to have something like Chai Roti in Erlangen, Germany. Erlangen has become one of of the hot spots for expats and locals alike. Although, Indian cuisine has been always popular in Europe and all over the world and especially here in the franconian region due to a multi cultural environment, very seldom do we find authentic Indian street and Indian urban food.


This missing piece of puzzle and the urge to become even better paved the way for Erlangen's first authentic street food fusion restaurant in the form of Chai Roti. The menu, the decor, the ambiance will definitely remind you of India if you have alreday been there or stayed there. If not, Come see and feel India right there with miuth watering dishes on the table.

Below are a few pictures, which we term as BREAK-AND-MAKE.

PHOTO-2018-08-09-19-02-17 (1).jpg


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